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Free Book Fair

Find your next read and your new favourite author from this selection of free books. Browse the titles available and claim as many as you like.


Paranormal Reads

Before the Whispers.jpg

Before the Whispers

People are falling dead and rising with a sudden hunger for flesh! Life is about to change for everyone, but only a few will step into a new destiny. Follow Malchus, Lilly and Mindy...before the whispers!

Driving Me Mad.jpg

Driving Me Mad

Maddox and Lenny spend a Saturday night in and experience their "first time" together.

Eternal Date with Lucifer.jpg

Eternal Date
with Lucifer

You go on a date with the perfect man only to find out he is the devil.

A Demon Duology.jpg

A Demon Duology

Find out what happens when two unsuspecting amateurs dabble with dark magic and make a deal with the demons they summon. Will they get what they asked for or something they never expected?

God Save The Queen.jpg

God Save the Queen

Amelia started out her night in the local pub surrounded by the local nut job conspiracists as they discuss the hows and whys and wherefores of just how Queen Elizabeth II could still be on the throne, and going strong in 2050.

She never expected to become personally involved in the truth of the matter.

Family Secrets.jpg

Family Secrets

Alexandria is about to get more than she bargained for. Can she keep an open mind and accept her heritage?


Women's Fiction & Memoir


Pieces of Me

Memories warp and fade over time soon to be forgotten completely. This is a book of memories, my memoir if you will, that I hope to pass on to my descendants and those who wish to know.

Child's Heaven.jpg

A Child's Heaven

A child's point of view of what heaven is like after death.

The Life of an Angel on Earth.jpg

The Life of
An Angel on Earth

A glimpse into the heart of Victoria; Amazing Grace in little moments.

Women's Fiction

Historical Reads

A Guardian Unexpected.jpeg

A Guardian Unexpected

This is the story of two people whose lives are thrown into turmoil, and how the unconditional love of their unexpected guardians gave them hope.

Historical Fiction


Cassie Lucky Poster Cover.png

Lucky As Can Be

An inspirational poster that is perfect to print off (if you download the PDF) and put on your wall or your child's wall to help remember how lucky we can be.

Fireflies reader magnet.jpg


Firefly in the night, showing off your magic light. A collection of enlightening poetry

The Fire

The Fire

Feel the language of love from African American author Jeff Ellis.


Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Flower of Isdinal.png

The Flower of Isdinal

It is forbidden for a human to love an elf but a girl can dream.

Moonlit Moments.jpg

Moonlit Moments

She had discovered that her horror filled dreams and nervous twitches were far from ordinary, and the horror had just begun.

50 Days Forced to Love.jpg

50 Days Forced To Love

50 days to fall in love or die, but what if she falls for the wrong guy?

Love Hurts.jpg

Love Hurts

Eros, god of sexual desire, dares to fall in love. What happens when he realises, that in the end, Love Hurts?

Galatic Search.png

Galactic Search

How far will you go to save your child?

Jake's Story.jpg

Jake's Story

Years following WWIII, the world is left broken, government dissolved, military as we knew it disbanded, and America torn apart. The Force was formed as a last-ditch effort to save all of that.

Fantasy & Sci Fi

Criminal Reads

The Thaw.jpg

The Thaw

Moira Wilson grew up in a small town and life was great. She went to college in the big city to live out her dreams until tragedy hit her family. Losing her mother was hard and now that her father, the town’s vet, was left alone, she made the hard choice to come home. She came home and became a cop in her small town instead of in the glorious town of Atlanta. Trying to be content with her change she never expected to come home to a mystery that left no clues.

The Naked Eye.jpg

The Naked Eye

A resort guest is dead. But the killer is bound to still be there since no one can leave during the blizzard.

Lieutenant Davis was unintentionally stranded by the weather. He didn't plan on working a crime scene without back up and he certainly didn't know he would be the only one in the group without an ironclad alibi.


Contemporary Reads

The Legend of Valentine.png

The Legend of Valentine

I was born on Valentine’s day, so my mother named me Valentine Rose Smith. Yes, my mother was a born romantic even though she was not lucky in love, she believed there was always someone out there for each of us. 

The Tire d'Affaire.jpg

The Tire d'Affaire

Alex has always forgiven her husband, Nick when he has strayed. Even the most patient of woman will tire of her man's unfaithful behaviour under the wrong circumstances.

What happens when Nick steps out with the wrong woman?


Erotic Reads

Daily Checkups.png

Daily Checkups

Felicity had the hots for her doctor and just had to see him again. The more he ‘examined’ her the better. She longed for his touch again, in all the right places. The only thing was…did he feel the same?



Alena has had enough of Nate not taking her advice even after asking for her opinion.
She sets out to teach him a lesson, one that her Mistress teacher would be proud of her for enacting.
A little magic in her repertoire can't lead to trouble, can it?

Heartstone of Dragons.jpg

Heartsone of Dragons

Bella heads out into the city to help her best friend out, taking her night shift while she stays home to recover from being sick. After a rough start to the day, what more could possibly go wrong for her?

An Night with Channing.jpg

A Night with Channing

Will Mae find what she is looking for in the hot sexy man that she has hired to be her date? Or is she just another client to Channing?


Horror Reads

Severed Soul cover.jpg

Severed Soul

Trevor didn't believe in demons until he let one in.

Falling into a demon summoning with his so-called friends Trevor still didn’t believe that the thing appearing in the circle was truly a demon. That is until he allows one in and they take him on a killing spree. The blood runs red as the knife in his hands meets its victims. Will Trevor come out of this alive?

It Lurks in the Woods.png

It Lurks in the Woods

When Travis and his brother entered the woods, they were looking for signs of Bigfoot and his existence.
They never expected to walk into a horror movie.

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