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Branded in the West

Branded in the West

Historical Western Fiction

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The Wild West - a lonely, windswept backdrop of arid plains and mountainous ranges inspiring the fantasies of many with its lawless mythology.

In truth, the West was wild for only 30 years in American history, so why not dip into the minds of three of your favourite authors and see how they have brought to life the wild, unrestrained and lawless nature of many of the West's residents. These three stories will inspire your minds and tease your romantic notions of what life was like to be Branded in the West, including a tempting glimpse into the dramatised true story of The Daltons in the Road to Elmwood.

Will you fall in love with a simple cowboy as he roams the ranges, or will your heart be captured by an outlaw, reformed or otherwise?

Available on Kindle, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books and Paperback

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