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An Unexpected Hellhound: Unexpected Alpha Series Book 3

Paranormal Romance

Available Now

The tentative peace brokered between wolf and vampire in Thunder Hollow, Texas is put to the test…

The trigger of war is emerging from the shadows of history. Roxana finds herself drawn to the White Virginian, arrogant alpha of the Virginian wolf pack. Their subsequent mating is a challenge to everything Roxana believed she knew about herself. Choices she has made in her life come to a head when Zeus and his Olympian vampires target the Virginian wolf pack.

Can the Wolf Nation stand side by side with Egyptian vampires and defeat a common enemy?

Join us for the third Unexpected journey of the trilogy to see if the peace so long desired and fought for can be cemented in history.

 One click this Paranormal Romance that reviewers of the Unexpected Alpha Series have compared to Twilight, True Blood and The Originals.

Available at most major and minor retailers

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