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Challenging the Alpha: Corporate Shifters

Paranormal Romance

Available now

Fellow shifters or not, I know the bear tribe must be destroyed...
Lone, alpha bear, Cord, wants revenge. His beloved mother went to her grave haunted by her encounter with the Torben Bear Tribe.
As a ruthless businessman, he fears she can't rest in peace until he makes those responsible pay.
Plans shift when Cord sees the sassy cat shifter, Stevie, a rare sight amongst the bears. He never prepared for her to be a part of his scheme, but he tells himself it's poetic justice when he steals her away. Vengeance is almost his until he realizes the joke’s on him.
Cord had no idea Stevie would turn out to be his true mate. Now, he is stuck between avenging his mother and claiming what is his.
One-click today and find out if love is enough for Cord reconcile his need to avenge his mother’s past with his hope for a future of his own.

Available at Amazon, directly from the author and Paperback.

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