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Red Wolf

Historical Romance

Available Now


Who knew that an orchestrated marriage to an unpredictable woman would lead to an enduring love?


By royal dictate, Lady Jacqueline, tempestuous Duchess of Wolvarden and tall, dark and dashingly handsome Prince Leopold of Mercia, are to be married, whether they want to or not.

Although their first meeting is less than promising, they eventually reach an understanding, but what began as a discharge of duty for Leopold, quickly becomes his most fervent wish.

The only obstacle to Leopold’s desire seems to be Red Wolf, resident champion knight of Wolvarden. Will the only knight able to defeat Prince Leopold stand in the way of his quest to win his duchesses heart?

Meanwhile, danger stalks Wolvarden, and Leopold may find Red Wolf is not the enemy after all.


Red Wolf was the first historical type book that I’ve read and I have to say, Lilly Rayman knocked it out of the park with this book. - 5 stars from ReadingLove13

Available at all major and minor retailers or directly from Lilly Rayman

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