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An Unexpected Revelation: Unexpected Alpha Series Book 2

Paranormal Romance

Available Now

Return to Thunder Hollow to see how fear, prejudices, and memories of the past, are overcome.

With the new treaty in place, the Remus pack can hopefully settle, undisturbed at Thunder Hollow Ranch. Working alongside her mate, Livvie, now Alpha is unaware of an enemy lurking in the dark. This new foe hears word of the peace treaty and makes their presence known. Will the bloodthirsty anger of gods destroy the tentative, and fragile new alliance? 

 Meanwhile, everything the wolf pack has tried to keep hidden from the sleepy town of Eagle Downs falls into jeopardy.

Can the secret of their existence remain intact, or is this the end of unspoken accord between wolf and human? 


Join all your favourite characters once more in the second book of the Unexpected Alpha Series.

Available at most major and minor retailers

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