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The Glass Slipper: A Modern Cinderella Tale

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They were never supposed to be, but fate is a funny thing...

Charmaine Princeton takes pride in his work, even if some people treat him like he’s on the bottom rung of everything. Enter a new customer, the stunning Ella Cinders, who is looking for her missing pair of perfect shoes - glass slippers picked out for a ball. Charmaine knows she is out of his reach, especially when he finds out just how opposite her position in the world is from his.

As he embarks on a mission to find her missing shoe order, he discovers feelings he has never had before. Fate intervenes when, on the eve of the ball, Charmaine finds the shoes and must rush them to Cinders in time for her to make the impression she’d dreaming of.

Will Charmaine reach Ella in time to make her dreams come true? Or will he fall short and not find the happily ever after he'd been longing for?

If you enjoy modern day fairytales, you'll fall in love with this heartwarming story of boy meets girl intertwined in a twist of fate.

Available in Kindle Unlimited and Paperback

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