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Biting the Veteran.jpg
Biting the Veteran: Solaris Island Book 1
by Lilly Rayman

Paranormal Romance in Kindle Unlimited and Paperback

Available Now

The island was supposed to bring a new life and promise, but what it brought me was a snarling woman with a pair of fangs to boot...

Solaris Island had been privatized long ago and fallen into disarray, but now, it was open and taking a limited number of new inhabitants if they didn't mind starting from scratch and being a bit off the grid. After what I'd seen in the military, it sounded perfect. But beware, because when something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Solaris was no exception. Once on the island, I learned it was already inhabited by its long time owners, a special breed of women who were not exactly human. And they craved men. Men like me.

Fans of Mair Starr and Renee Rose will fall in love with this brand new hot shifter romance.

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Book 2 Ecover.jpg
Biting the Doctor: Solaris Island Book 2
by Quell T. Fox

Paranormal Romance in Kindle Unlimited and Paperback

Available Now


At the age of forty-nine, all Doctor Andrew Bennett wants to do is enjoy the life he’s spent years building for himself and his wife, Marina. Only problem is, she has other plans.
Plans that include divorce papers and an impromptu vacation to Maui with her twenty-one year old intern.
With his heart shattered and mental health declining, Doctor Bennett decides he needs a change.
Selling his home and veterinary clinic—two things that meant the world to him—is simple when nothing in the world matters anymore.
Everything about Solaris Island is tempting, even to a man who’s world has just fallen to pieces, but is it enough to heal him from the heart break he’s endured?

Biting the Detective
Biting the Detective: Solaris Island Book 3
by Ainsley Jaymes

Paranormal Romance in Kindle Unlimited and Paperback

Preorder Now - Releasing 28th July 2022


Sutton loved her sisters, she really did. But for the last twenty eight years, they’d been her only company. She was ready to see what, and who, this world had to offer for her.

Rex Mason had been through hell and back. When the opportunity to escape to a private island presents itself, he almost regrets how quickly he jumped at the chance. But the promise of paradise far outweighed the list of mistakes that lay waiting for him back in the place that he once called home.

Can they both let go of the ties that bind them and create a new connection—one worth leaving everything behind for?

Biting the Lawyer.jpg
Biting the Lawyer: Solaris Island Book 4
by Victoria C. Taylor

Paranormal Romance in Kindle Unlimited and Paperback

Preorder Now - Releasing 11th August 2022


I came to Solaris Island in hopes of a new start.

A place to get away from a past that continues to haunt me. What I didn't expect was... her. 

For the first time in a very long time, I began to wonder... could love actually heal me?

Biting the Firefighter.jpg
Biting the Firefighter: Solaris Island Book 5
by Rae Hendricks

Paranormal Romance in Kindle Unlimited and Paperback

Preorder Now - Releasing 25th August 2022


He's a lost soul, and she's the lone wolf ... literally.

Merick became a firefighter to save lives but couldn't save the one person who mattered most. He doesn't feel like he deserves to be called a hero anymore. So, he takes the offer to go to Solaris Island and live off the grid. He has nothing else left to lose.

Nova thinks that she's the last anyone thinks of in her pack. She's always been an outsider to them, and a huge mistake that tore them apart made them even more distant from her. As she watches them each find a mate, one by one, she knows there's not one for her. There never will be.

When the two meet, tempers flare, secrets threaten to bubble to the surface, and the heat between them almost explodes. Worse yet, there's a bigger threat to the island, one they will have to fight to survive.

Will they both learn to love themselves in time to find what they want in each other, or will they crash and burn in flames so big no one can save either of them this time?

Fans of Maia Starr and Patricia Briggs will find their next addictive love story in this loose shifter romance retelling of The Little Mermaid.

Biting the Marine.jpg
Biting the Marine: Solaris Island Book 6
by Kasandra Sheckles & Paige Clendenin

Paranormal Romance in Kindle Unlimited and Paperback

Preorder Now - Releasing 8th September 2022


A woman, not quite human, living in the shadows; a man who’s seen too much and is drowning in his pain. Both are on a collision course with fate.

When 25-year-old Hunter Stevenson meets a man who suggests rest and relaxation on an island away from it all, Hunter figures it’s his best chance. Ever since the Marine saw something he wishes he hadn’t, the bottle has been his only friend. Now, he can’t quit. So, maybe all he needs is this one chance, this one escape, but he gets more than he bargains for when he meets the sassy, mysterious, and gorgeous Brenna.

Brenna is the baby of the pack. Protected. Sheltered. Young. But she’s seen things for her age, and she’s strong because of it. She wants to experience all that life has to offer, and right now, it’s offering Hunter. Only she’ll have to convince her sisters that he isn’t so bad. Even when he proves himself darker than what she expected.

What will these two do when they find the enemy is within themselves and their loved ones, and how will they stay together?

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