Rebirth: Denouncement Chronicles Book 1

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Healani was born into a world where she doesn't fit in; a world full of wolves, yet she is not one.

The Moon Goddess has never gifted her with a wolf form, and she wishes to do nothing but escape the feeling of inferiority. While away at college in her new, human life, mysterious deaths begin to happen, forcing her back to the home that never felt like it should.

Only, Healani will find that she is so much more than any human or wolf. She was a specially made being, and she has a mate out there who has been waiting a long time for her.

But she and her family both fight the truth, what she is, what she could be, who she is meant to be with, as the unknown threat grows.

Will she find love and come into her own, or will everyone she loves be taken down as she is brought to her knees?

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