Quest: The Revenant Series Book 2

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A chilling presence haunts Toni's mind, digging to find out where and what she is...

After a frightening Halloween night where four women fought for their lives, a hard decision was made to separate Toni and her friends. They were left with four different destinations and four different destinies.
Toni and Jarrell head to a quiet farm as Toni learns to block out her mental stalker. Mona and Zac are in hiding in the gambling capital of the world, taking a chance on their safety to stay masked in the crowd. Naomi and Josh are in the Big Easy, determined to fight for their lives by any means necessary.
The other member of their comrades attempts to combat the hidden enemy in secret.
But the unknown group who has him in their arsenal has hatched an even bigger plan - one that could set the whole country ablaze.

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