About J. Kitana

J. Kitana is a 24-year-old author whose dream is to share her imagination. She wants to dive into the unknown waters of literature, creating a space that is reflective of everyone. Her goal as a writer is to shine the light on characters of color in many different genres. Her love for action and love stories drew her to take a swim in the Paranormal Romance pool. She was led to create a whole world, different from what is normal because she truly believes nothing is normal. She writes to challenge every stereotype of what a character of color is thought to look like, sound like, or act like. She wants to break the mold on the story that the world attempted to create, instead filling the stories with well rounded beautiful diverse characters. Life is what you make it and a story is whatever you create. She intends to create a story outside of the cruel reality we live in to create a vast world where people of  color are celebrated, in a  world where everyone is welcomed to dream.

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