Anarchy: Denouncement Chronicles Book 2

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Some time has passed since Healani was named Luna of the Dark Shadow pack.

Sick from pregnancy, Lani hasn't had much time to do anything other than lay around. On edge, a dream Healani has puts everyone on high alert.

Lani can't help but feel that this is too much for her

to handle; a pack, a war, and a baby. Her body feels different, her gifts are slowly revealing

themselves, and to make matters worse, Jovonni hasn't been around much with a potential war on its way.

Jovonni and Correen take advantage of being on Dark shadow pack territory. This lets Healani adjust to leadership and pregnancy while following the trail of experiments. Though this was not a part of any plan to come home with a war on the horizon, Jovonni knew some information could only be found on sacred territory.

The past is coming back with a vengeance for Dark Shadow pack members. With a

disadvantage because their Luna is ill and the Alpha overworked. This was more than a territory battle…

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